Price list

Flat rate

The all-inclusive offer is only guaranteed for the sample pages mentioned if the size of your new page is not significantly larger than specified.

If more modern technology is used, than more creation work is involved. With additional effects gets every website the own touch. We would be happy to add further effects to the sample pages. Please contact us.

Have a look at the pages on your PC, because then you can see what changes when the screen window is reduced to the size of a mobile phone.

Pages in a second or third language are not included in the package. Each page in a different language is charged at 80 Euros. We do not take care of the translations of the corresponding texts.


Website maintenance: Once your website is online, it must continue to be maintained. This is not witchcraft and you could certainly do it yourself, but it takes time.

For security reasons, the latest updates of the individual elements must always be installed. Before an update, you should always make a backup of the entire website, because sometimes things go wrong.

After each update, it is important to check whether the website still looks and functions as it did before the update.

Many website operators neglect this important topic. For a small fee, we also take care of this service for you.

We offer you an annual contract that is automatically renewed. The cancellation period is 2 weeks before the end of the contract at the latest.

35 Euro/month


An individual homepage? You have more or less concrete ideas how your internet presence should look like?

Maybe a larger website with more than 3 pages? You would like to provide some videos and a picture gallery for your customers?

No problem, we will implement your wishes. After a detailed consultation we will make you a personal offer!

On request


Service work is any service that is not part of a booked package or not specified in your contract, as well as changes to your website after completion.

We charge an hourly rate of 35 euros for service work. For the sake of fairness, billing is done in 15 minute increments. Not all work lasts 1 hour, so hours that have been started will not be billed in full.

35 Euro/hour


Hosting is not included in any price and is billed separately with the hosting company.

You can view the conditions for hosting here. We will be happy to set up the desired hosting package and a domain-related email address there on your behalf. Thus, you are and remain the owner of the website. This service of setting up at the hoster is already included in our all-inclusive offer.