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Your new website

Your new website step by step

The beginning

Photo question mark for your new websiteYour new website needs some preparation. The first considerations should be what kind of website it should be. Would you like a kind of business card, a minimalist website where everything can be found on one page? Or do you like several pages where the content is clearly arranged on individual pages? Or do you prefer an extensive homepage or blog with a picture gallery and various videos?

What specifications do you have for us

  • Does a logo already exist or does one still have to be found?
  • Do you have a font that you would like to have on your homepage?
  • What about the illustrations, are there photos?
  • Are there texts available for all the desired pages?
  • Have you seen a page on the Internet that you liked in terms of layout or structure?

When we know your specifications and ideas, we can start implementing them. Of course, we will coordinate with you as closely as possible in order to create your desired website.

The hosting

Foto Hosting for your new website We will set up an account in your name with a hosting company (where the page is located) of our choice. We have had very good experiences with the hosting company Dogado made. Because the selection of the hosting company also contributes to the speed of your website.

Here we also check whether your desired domain / URL (www.your-desired-domain.en) is available and register the URL with the provider in your name. This means that you remain the owner of the account and the URL. We create a standard email address that includes your URL in one go. The hosting company will invoice you. After receipt of payment there, we can start working.

The installations

Foto WordPress We install the content management system (CMS) WordPress, a fast theme and only the most necessary plugins. Then we write the HTML codes for the individual pages and give the pages the appropriate layout with the necessary CSS codes. For the contact page, we will create a contact form for you as requested.

The image processing

We are also happy to take care of the image processing for you, because that is one of the reasons why many websites have long loading times. If your website loads slowly, you are losing potential customers quickly because no one likes to browse a slow page. And you know, for Google and Co, too, fast loading times are important when it comes to positioning.

The optimization

Photo SEO The most important thing on our part comes here at the end, the optimization of the pages for the fastest possible loading times. This is an extensive topic, and we paid attention to it right from the start when setting up the website. Every single element has an impact on the loading times.

We aim for a loading speed of max. 2 seconds so that the basis for preferred ads on Google is fulfilled. This goal is of course dependent on the desired elements on your side. Many slide shows, for example, slow down the loading process considerably, making it difficult, if at all, to achieve the goal.

Data protection

If you wish, we can take care of data protection for you with the help of a data protection generator. This gives you a data protection compliant imprint and a data protection declaration. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content, the responsibility rests with the owner of the website.

A backup

Photo We work hand in hand Of course, we will also create a backup for you. This means that you can always reset your website to the delivery status in the event that something went wrong.

For security reasons it is best if the backup file is not on your hoster. Cloud storage, for example, would be an option for this.

And when the work is done, your homepage will automatically adjust to all screen sizes.

We lead by example!

We're setting a good example when it comes to loading speed. Test the values from our homepage, then you will see how quickly your page can also load. This would make your website meet the basic criteria for Google, so that your website can be preferred.

How does it work?

Open the page from Google: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
Enter the URL of our website and start the process. You can see that our website is in the green area and thus enables the foundations for a good one to be found.

Test your website in comparison. Enter the URL of your website and start the process again. Now you have a comparison and important data about your website.


We do not guarantee that your site will also achieve our values, because it is of course the scope of your site, the complete structure and your specific wishes that influence the results of the test.